Doran Myrie is a chef with extensive experience in the realm of fine dining. He graduated from Monroe College in New Rochelle, NY with a degree in Culinary Arts, then went on to work in some of the most well-known restaurants in New York City and the U.S. Open.

Doran desired to create a service that would provide busy working families with a fine dining experience in their homes. He envisioned a logo that felt sophisticated, but personal; authentic and professional.

Together we used a simple gradation of grays with a classic font and hand drawn elements to achieve an effect that he fell in love with. In addition to creating this logo for him, we discussed the papers and textures that would come together to create a quality experience for his clients.

As a Part II to the branding project Doran and I started together, we began working through how his operations would work and how that could translate online. A simplistic logo with the handdrawn elements lent to the texture we incorporated to add depth and reinforce the feeling he wanted. I also converted his real signature to a digital format to add a personal touch to his pages. The site uses many expressions of Javascript for an FAQ section, contact form, slider and starting menu.


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