618 Creative Club is an exclusive members community for creative entrepreneurs and content producers who are looking to network, learn marketable skills and find new job opportunities.

I spent months researching the best combination of plugins and development strategies that would allow for member profiles, forums, events, specialized groups and an online store with resources that designers and developers can use to create great work, stress free. The site has membership levels that can be either free or by monthly subscription, a blog, and an internal messaging system for members. While this project is technically over, I would add a project management platform to encourage members to team up on projects!

This is a somewhat personal project to me. Throughout my growth as a designer I have always had a desire to find a way to give back to the community that has helped me learn and grow along the way. When I considered a cornerstone senior project that would push me to conquer something I hadn’t before, it did not take long for me to settle on the idea of a content-restricted membership website for creatives. The idea of a membership site was also something that intimidated and overwhelmed me a lot! I knew by conquering this, it would allow me to provide my clients more value because in learning how to turn a CMS into a membership website I learned so much more! I feel so accomplished because I was able to create a project that makes me want to make it a real website, especially because I think a site like this is greatly needed.


Branding & Logo design

eCommerce Development

WordPress Development


Responsive Front-end development

(PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap)

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