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Web Design & Development – D. Christine Design

Your website is your business card, your revenue engine, the biggest asset to your marketing and the key to your company’s growth!

Let me help you design and develop a website that acts the way it should – as a business solution that gives you a solid return on your investment. I take your vision from paper and pencil, all the way to a well-designed machine.

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How the Magic Happens

Dare to Dream!

As we get cozy together and roll up our sleeves, I’ll be digging deep into your motivations for why you need a website and what success will  look like at the end.  This process can be a little awkward as we approach your needs thoroughly to make sure every stone is upturned, but it is a very necessary and  worthwhile session that  will make sure we have a shared – and glorious – vision for your project that’ll SOAR. 

Building the Treasure Map

The Sitemap
After we get our hearts in a row, I’ll whip up a map of all the moving parts to your project. By laying out all of the pages we’ll need and how they interact each other, we’re taking the extra step to make sure we don’t miss anything. It’s the recipe we’ll need to make sure your project exactly what you ordered, plus some! Here’s one I baked a short while ago. 

Magical test drive

The Prototype
This is where I get to show you what your site could LOOK AND FEEL like, instead of trying to explain it to you with all the technical stuff. This interactive prototype will be a manifestation of our work to this point – Play around with it, try it out and we’ll drill down to make sure it flows the way both you and your users will need it to in it’s final form.

Dreaming in Color

It’s time to breathe life into your prototype! I get to use my all my coding prowess, technical chops, and design experience to infuse your prototype with the visual and design elements that will make your website distinctly yours, in perfect alignment with your brand identity and message. Are you excited yet?

Our Vision, Realized

After adding the finishing touches and polish to your project, it’s time to hand you the keys.  Out you go, where you’ll pour your good into the world with an online presence that will connect to your audience, make you proud and stand out from the crowd! Cheers!

I'm here for you!

The great news is the journey doesn’t end now that your project is complete. I pride myself on building a continuous, long-term relationship with you that includes basic content management training, post-launch support and site maintenance. When it is time for the next step of your company’s evolution, I’ll be right here.

From your heart to theirs.

Create an online presence that speaks to your purpose, goals, and audience.

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