The Basics

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet. For example, is a domain name.

Web hosting is when your website is stored on a computer that allows it to be publicly viewed on the internet.

I know, websites can be tricky to navigate and get it in working order – that’s what I’m here for!

Yes, you will need your own domain name and hosting. I offer both services and would be more than happy to assist you in getting both for your website if you choose. There are many companies that do this. WP Engine, Siteground, Pagely and Pantheon are just a few who specialize in this area. I am more than happy to make a personal recommendation should you require one.

Search Engine Optimisation is a series of tactics and strategies designed to get your website displayed higher up in the search results on search engines such as Google. The quality and wording of your content go a long way in making you visible to potential clients and customers. Having well written, relevant content with keywords people would most likely use to find you is the key. This is just one of many aspects of how to achieve good SEO.


The cost of a website can vary depending on various factors, just like the cost of having a party planned may vary. My website projects generally start in the $2,500 range for basic business sites and range upward depending on your unique needs.

The payment plan for all projects over $500 is 50% deposit to start the project, and then 50% when your project is deemed complete by both you and myself. If there is a very specific arrangement required, this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

You will receive an invoice in your inbox that can be paid online with any form of credit card, bank transfer or email. Checks are also accepted, but only after the check is received, deposited and cleared will the invoice be marked paid and the work begins.


A basic website typically takes about 4-8 weeks from beginning to end. However, the complexity of the project, the content you have ready and how we reach our milestones will affect that timeline.

While I do not write your content directly, I don’t mind giving pointers as far as staying in line with the brand voice we set out at the onset of your project.

Yes, I provide all our clients with training on maintaining their websites, along with 30 days of complimentary support while you get the hang of it.

Sure! This can be included as part of the project if you want your social media pages branded.

Yes! Your website is designed to with the many devices on the market in mind, so no part of your audience is left out. I do tend to check with the market to see which devices are more popular and attend to them first working my way back!

From July through December 2019, my office hours are Monday-Thursday, 9AM-5PM. This is usually during this time when I will be available for answering emails, working on projects or providing support.

We will be communicating primarily through email or our shared task management area (if applicable). We will meet over the phone periodically to go over the current status of the project, next steps and any deadlines or changes that need to be considered.

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