When your company brand is a true extension of your core beliefs, values and mission, the result is magical!

This is essential in having the kind of authenticity to your brand that becomes magnetic and destined to grow. Your brand is the combinations of values, services and visual markers that represent your business – it should be as unique as you are!

With this package, you will get a fully branded logo design, 3 supporting items, and a style guide that will help you know how and when to use your branding to maintain a professional and consistent online presence. Be prepared to do the work and at the end, you will have a brand that you will be proud to call your own!

Print advertising extends the value and essence of your brand, supports your online marketing and leaves a tangible mark.

Even if you have a brand that’s to die for, print advertising extends the value and essence of your brand, supports your online marketing and leaves a tangible mark that is so necessary – Let me help you create memorable printed items for your events or to support your brand.

How the Magic Happens

The kick-off

Initial Call
Our first encounter will leave you ready to jump right in! I’ll share everything you’ll get to make your project complete, answer your questions and make sure our next steps will be in unison.

Motivate & Inspire

Secure your spot so we can get a full detailed plan that gets up close and personal with your brands motivations and the feelings you want to inspire in your future audience. We’ll work on this together, so don’t worry – We’ll cover various techniques that’ll make your vision clearer than ever and give me what I need to set your brand into motion.

Branded & Styled just right

It’s time to get deep into the design phase where I get to breathe life into your brand and printed items so it’s something memorable, timeless and totally YOU. You’ll get a brand style guide and your chosen collateral items that will extend your new identity into social media and print. Get ready!

Our Vision, Realized

The Hand-off
After you’ve signed off on the final product, I’ll give you all the files you’ll need to use your branded elements for years to come! I’ll show you off on website and social media and give you the tools to do the same. Enjoy it, share it and know that I’ll be available for questions or your next project.

From your heart to theirs.

Create an online presence that speaks to your purpose, goals, and audience.

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