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Where Vision Meets Inspired Action – D. Christine Design

It's the missing piece of the puzzle...

You may be finally taking the leap into your dream business idea, ready to go all the way or you may be already seeing the fruits of your labor of love – your vision and your talent that you know the world needs.

You have a mission, a purpose and you know how your skills uniquely stand out from the rest. You have so much to offer the people who need it, and you’re working towards touching lives and helping people every day. The only thing holding you back from truly knocking it out of the park is being able to authentically express your values and your vision online.

It needs to be so YOU that it makes you feel even more proud of the mark you’re making on the world.

And, as much as you love what you’re doing right now, you need to profit from it too. You know that you could reach, educate, inspire or help so much more people if you had a solid brand and a plan, but it’s non-existent or it’s not getting you the results you want. Even more so, you need to have someone who is going guide you through the process and then have your back so when your company starts to grow,  your website grows with it.

That’s where I come in.

Get Clarity. Get Inspired. Get Results.

Whether your biz is in full-swin or it’s still just a twinkle in your eye, I can help you get clarity on your ideas, guide you with my knowledge of what works (and save you from what doesn’t), and communicate your expertise and values the right way so the right people start finding you!

Learn More

It's not my work life, it's my life's work

My specialty is front-end web design and development, creating your dream design and turning it into a beautiful and effective online experience.

My passion for design is only challenged by the allure of making it extend beyond the flat and static and into the interactive, though sound web practices and WordPress. I also love helping people like you with their branding, print, and marketing strategies. By providing solutions that work for you, you get to focus on your passions and accomplishing great things for your business. And, even more so, I get to hear your stories along the way and become a catalyst to your visions being realized.

I believe in the power of digital media to bring communities together, inspire people and engage the world—which is why I have spent the last 10 years collaborating with entrepreneurs from all industries who are invested in developing their business’s mission, materializing their vision, and creating their visual identity.

I’m here to use my experience to craft yours.


The Good Stuff

A Just-For-You team based on your needs

I have an extensive network of filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers and marketing managers who can be curated to champion your project, so you won’t have to scramble around looking for someone to take your photos or to create your custom email templates. We have a combined experience that crosses through every industry of business and both formal and in-the-field education to back it all up.  Every part of your project is handled with expert eyes and a gentle touch.

You won’t be left hangin’!

D Christine Design sticks around for the long haul! After your project is done, you receive up to 30 days of complimentary support to make sure everything continues to run in tip-top shape. You also get training so you have the option of taking the wheel for some of the minor content changes. My website care plans cover the big stuff – making sure that your site is never down,  at the lowest risk of hacking possible and up to date – on my side and yours!

A Proven Process

As a developer, I can build anything you ask for even if it doesn’t serve you or your business, which is what a lot of developers do.

As a consultant, I’m interested in the happy sigh that comes from things done right.

You won’t find yourself at the other side of the project not sure what to do with your website – or worse, wondering what it’s supposed to do for you. My system is designed to get to the root of what you really need from your project and what it’s going to take to make it happen. I won’t agree to do something (and make your business pay for it in the end) unless we have a strong foundation of WHY’s in place.

Ready to create something amazing?

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